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The new Karate Kid and all three of the older Karate Kid movies are currently available on Netflix Instant Streaming.  I had a movie marathon with my kids and watched all four movies over the weekend.

The Karate Kid

  • Starring: Jaden Smith, Jackie Chan
  • Released: 2010

Dre has to moved to China with his mother for her job, and makes enemies right off the bat.  The tough kids at school beat him up for talking to the cute girl, and for not being Chinese.  Mr. Han steps in and teaches Dre Kung Fu.  While the story is similar to the original Karate Kid, this remake takes us on a much grander adventure.  It also has some humorous spoofs of the old movie that were great!


The Karate Kid

  • Starring:Ralph Macchio, Pat Morita, Elisabeth Shue
  • Released: 1984

Daniel moves from New Jersey to California and things start off wrong.  He meets a cute girl on the beach, but her ex-boyfriend warns Daniel to stay away.  The ex and his friends continually make Daniel’s life hell.  They even beat him up several times, until Mr. Miagi steps in and teaches Daniel karate.  The movie ends in the ultimate fightdown between Daniel and the ex at a karate tournament.


The Karate Kid II

  • Starring: Ralph Macchio, Pat Morita
  • Released: 1986

Daniel tags along with Mr. Miagi to Okinawa to visit his dying father.  Mr. Miagi reconnects with an old flame, and with an old adversary, Seto.  Seto stirs up trouble by bringing up the events that caused Mr. Miagi to leave Japan years ago, and refuses to let him leave this time without a fight.  Seto’s nephew causes problems for Daniel and his new love interest.


The Karate Kid III

  • Starring: Ralph Macchio, Pat Morita
  • Released: 1989

John Kreese, the shamed sensei that lost the tournament in the first movie, plots his revenge against Daniel and Mr. Miagi.  Daniel opts to postpone college to help Mr. Miagi open a bonsai tree shop.  And Daniel runs into trouble with a karate fighter that wants Daniel’s championship title.



  • All four Karate Kid movies are currently available to watch on Netflix Instant Streaming.
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