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Disney’s Tangled, the psychological thriller Black Swan, and an older movie, Mother Load are three great films that release on DVD today.


I saw Tangled THE DAY it was released in theaters.  And, I got a girl to go with me, because, um… it’s obviously a chick flick!  My boys would have gone, and they would have enjoyed it, but I wanted a girly girl day with my sweet little niece, so we had a grand time!  Rapunzel is my absolute, all time, most favorite fairytale EVER!  I was sure the big screen version would not meet my high expectations, but au contraire!  It was delightful!  Click here to watch a preview.

  • You can rent Tangled today at Netflix.
  • You can buy Tangled today at Amazon.com or eBay.


Black Swan

Natalie Portman took home the Oscar for Best Actress for her portrayal in Black Swan, and I must say, she earned it!  She did a brilliant job in her role as a ballerina that gradually loses her mind while striving to perfect her performance.  The ballerina must play the innocent and naive white swan, which she does beautifully.  But she must also dance the part of the passionate and sensual black swan.  As she gets more in touch with her dark side, she has severe episodes of paranoia and delusion.  If you enjoy twisted, steamy, psychological thrillers, you’ll want to see this one.  Click here to watch a preview.

  • You can save Black Swan in your Netflix queue.  It will be available April 26.
  • You can buy Black Swan today at Amazon.com or eBay.


Mother Load

I grew up watching this movie!  My parents recorded it off of television onto a VCR tape, and it had been watched so many times that you could barely see or hear it any more.  Yet, each time we had out of town company, this movie was pulled out for entertainment.  Mother Load was a staple of my childhood. It’s about a couple that crash their plane and seek help from a creepy old miner that has lived in isolation for a very long time.  He’s beyond crazy, and will do anything to keep his gold to himself.  Charlton Heston and a very young Kim Basinger star in Mother Load.  This movie scared the crap out of me when I was young, I can’t wait to watch it again!

  • You can save Mother Load in your Netflix queue.  No availability date yet.  Bummer.
  • You can buy Mother Load today at Amazon.com or eBay.