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Are you looking for the best kids movies to watch on Netflix Instant Streaming? Here is a list of some excellent kids shows available to watch on Netflix right now.

Kids on the bus by roarpett, CC 2.0 LicenseI am the father of 3 young kids and I like to know which movies they are watching. There are a lot of crappy shows out there so I actively try to find good movies that my kids will enjoy. I recently spent some time going through the Netflix Instant Streaming movies and found quite a few good shows that I feel good about letting my kids watch, so I thought I would share that list with you.

Here is a list (in no particular order) of good shows that your kids may have missed. If you are logged in to your Netflix account you can click the link to go straight to that movie’s page. Also note that all of these movies were available on Netflix Instant Streaming in April, 2011 – but that is subject to change.

  • The Black Stallion (1979) Rated G : A boy and his horse are rescued from a desert island.
  • The Land Before Time (1988) Rated G : A group of young, orphaned dinosaurs learn to survive after a great earthquake.
  • The Red Balloon (1956) Not Rated : A young boy and a balloon wander the streets of Paris.
  • Free Willy (1993) Rated PG : A punished boy has to work with an Orca show whale.
  • Wallace & Gromit: Three Amazing Adventures (2001) Not Rated : 3 short movies starring a English creator and his smart dog.
  • Heidi (1993) Rated G : An orphan girl wins over her crotchety grandfather in the Swiss Alps.
  • Ponyo (2008) Rated G : A 5 year old boy befriends a goldfish princess.
  • The Muppets Take Manhattan (1984) Rated PG : The Muppets want to produce a Broadway show starring a frog and a pig.
  • The Karate Kid (2010) Rated PG : An American boy moves to Beijing and learns to defend himself.
  • Racing Stripes (2005) Rated PG : A zebra who thinks he is a thoroughbred racing horse.
  • The Iron Giant (1999) Rated TV-PG: A 9 year old boy becomes friends with a huge robot.
  • The Swan Princess (1994) Rated G : A princess is turned into a swan by an evil sorcerer.
  • Labyrinth (1986) Rated PG : A teenage girl tries to rescue her brother from the Goblin King.
  • The Dark Crystal (1982) Rated PG : The last of the Gelflings must heal the Crystal of Truth.
  • G-Force (2009) Rated PG : A group of highly trained guinea pigs try to stop an evil billionaire.
  • Anastasia (1997) Rated G : The story of the lost daughter of Russia’s last czar.

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