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There are a ton of 007 movies. Enough that surely EVERYONE should know the name James Bond. And hey, most of them are even available on Netflix Instant Streaming!


We walk into the dimly lit restaurant, out of the brisk winter air. The hostess greets us with a smile, informs us there will be a short wait, and asks for a name.

“Bond. James Bond.” My witty date replies.

The hostess is as dim as the lighting apparently, and writes the name on the waiting list without even cracking a smile. My date and I glance at each other, being both amused and puzzled, but we can’t hold back side splitting laughter when ten minutes later she calls out,

“Bond, table for two.”


If you are logged into your Netflix account you can click the links below to be taken right to that movies page. And remember, all of these films were available on Netflix Instant Streaming in May 2011, but that may change.

Thunderball – 1965, Sean Connery – A terrorist hijacks two nuclear weapons to use as blackmail, unless James Bond can stop him.

You Only Live Twice – 1967, Sean Connery – The American and Soviet nations get closer to war after some spaceships disappear, perhaps James Bond can help sort this out.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – 1969, George Lazenby – 007 tracks his arch nemesis to a mountaintop resort where he’s training an army of beautiful but lethal women. I’m sure James Bond will have his way with several of them.

Diamonds Are Forever – 1971, Sean Connery – 007’s evil enemy is using diamonds for a deadly laser satellite, I don’t think James Bond will allow this to happen.

Live and Let Die – 1973, Roger Moore – 007 investigates murders of fellow agents by a New York crime boss, will James Bond solve this mystery?

The Man With The Golden Gun – 1974, Roger Moore – The world’s deadliest assassin is trying to kill 007, perhaps James Bond will outsmart him.

The Spy Who Loved Me – 1977, Roger Moore – A submarine armed with nuclear warheads disappears, can James Bond prevent impeding doom?

Moonraker – 1979, Roger Moore – 007 travels into space to stop a power hungry madman from destroying human life, I hope James Bond succeeds in this endeavor.

For Your Eyes Only – 1981, Roger Moore – A sunken ship and its cargo threaten world devastation, unless James Bond can stop it.

Never Say Never Again – 1983 – Sean Connery – Two atomic bombs are hijacked, will James Bond save the world?

Octopussy – 1983, Roger Moore – A terrorist and a renegade Soviet general plan a nuclear attack, let’s hope James Bond will save the day.

A View To A Kill – 1985, Roger Moore – A crazy French industrialist plans to trigger a massive earthquake in California’s Silicon Valley, can James Bond can stop him in time?

The Living Daylights – 1987, Timothy Dalton – 007 is assigned to protect a Soviet general from a beautiful assassin, but is double crossed, will James Bond make sense of it all to stop a terrifying weapons conspiracy?

License To Kill – 1989, Timothy Dalton – 007 has a score to settle with a drug lord that murdered his friend, I’m thinking James Bond will settle that score.

True Bond – 2007 – A documentary that explores how Yugoslavian double agent Dusko Popov repeatedly served as Ian Fleming’s inspiration for the suave spy James Bond.

Although the following titles are not currently available on Instant Streaming, you can put them in your Netflix Queue to be mailed to you.

Dr. No – 1962, Sean Connery – A mad scientist plans to derail the US Space Program, unless James Bond can stop him.

From Russia With Love – 1963, Sean Connery – SPECTRE seeks revenge against 007 for killing Dr. No, will this be the last mission of James Bond? I think not…

Goldfinger – 1964, Sean Connery – Goldfinger wants to corner the gold market by contaminating Fort Knox, will James Bond be able to stop him?

GoldenEye – 1995, Pierce Brosnan – 007 investigates the destruction of a Russian satellite weapons base, let’s hope James Bond will be able to prevent the next attack set on London.

Tomorrow Never Dies – 1997, Pierce Brosnan – The threat of WWIII looms, will James Bond save the world?

The World Is Not Enough – 1999, Pierce Brosnan – 007 must protect a beautiful oil heiress, will this beauty distract James Bond from his mission?

The James Bond Story – 1999 – A documentary that takes an in depth look at one of the most successful movie icons in history. Interviews with Bond actors Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton, Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan are featured, as well as comments from Bond leading ladies and action-packed clips.

Die Another Day – 2002, Pierce Brosnan – A villain plans to exploit a satellite powered by solar energy, will James Bond be able to stop him?

Casino Royale – 2006, Daniel Craig – Critical backs story about 007 is revealed as he battles a corrupt financier, will James Bond win this game?

Quantam of Solace – 2008, Daniel Craig – 007 tracks a traitor that runs a terrorist organization, will James Bond prevail?

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