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Bridesmaids is a hilarious movie about a woman whose life falls into a downward spiral at the same time her best friend announces her engagement.


Have you ever been a bridesmaid? I have. Luckily it was when I was 12, and I didn’t mind wearing a silver dress. In fact, I wore that dress over and over until it was falling apart, because it was silver! However, at this point in my life, I totally identified with the main character in Bridesmaids, and appreciated the complete and utter state of disarray one’s life can fall into at any given moment.


Starring: Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy
Rated: Rated R for some strong sexuality, and language throughout.
Released: 2011
Genre: Comedy
My Opinion: The Funniest Movie I Have Seen EVER!


Annie is single, broke, and headed nowhere. Her mom keeps reminding her that hitting rock bottom is good, because the only way to go is up. But Annie keeps finding new bottoms as her life gets more chaotic, and it quickly unravels when her best friend Lillian announces her engagement. Annie accepts the role of Maid of Honor, and struggles to balance her budget with her Maid of Honor duties. We get to watch the incredibly entertaining, soul searching, heart wrenching, wreckless, insane journey Annie is forced to take to figure out that she is her own biggest problem.


Say hello to Sex and the City meets The Hangover. Bridesmaids was brimming with frank talk (and scenes throughout) about sex, bodily functions, and the more taboo facts of life. I laughed so hard I cried. I kid you not, my abs still hurt, two days later, from laughing throughout the entire movie. And through it all, we root for the unlikely heroine to get her shit together! If you’re a woman, go see this movie with your best friend. If you’re a guy, be prepared for the fact that women can be just as vulgar and honest about things as you can.

Did you know that Kristen Wiig is famous from Saturday Night Live? And Sookie St. James (Melissa McCarthy) from Gilmore Girls takes this movie over the top. I highly recommend Bridesmaids to everyone who is not easily offended!


Bridesmaids is currently in theaters.
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