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Thor is the movie based on the comic book hero. Golden hair, sparkling blue eyes, rippling muscles, has a hammer that commands the atmosphere… yep… that one. Thor is banished to Earth to learn a few lessons about becoming a worthy God.


  • Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins, Natalie Portman
  • Rated: PG-13
  • Released: 2011
  • Genre: Fantasy, Comic Book, Superhero


Thor - the comic version

Thor is a movie based on the Marvel comic book of the same name. Yes, it is true that Thor and all the other elements of Norse mythology have been around for a long time – much longer than the comic book – but this film revolves around Stan Lee’s version of Thor: a blonde, muscle-bound, passionate piece of eye candy.

Thor, the son of the Norse all father Odin, is about to crowned king of Asgard when the coronation party is interrupted by a small group of vengeful Frost Giants. Their attempt to steal an ancient relic, although unsuccessful, results in the passionate king-to-be to rally his friends and invade the giants’ homeworld. This only strains the relationship between Asgard and the Frost Giants, and in return Thor is banished to Earth. Lucky for him he meets the smart and beautiful Jane Foster, who helps him find the answers he is looking for as well as some that he isn’t – like how to not be a pompous jerk, or how to love a poor Earth girl. Along the way Thor encounters his share of trials and learns a few valuable lessons as well.

Ok, first of all I have to get my geeky fan boy feelings out of the way. As a long time reader of comic books in general and Thor in specific I was pretty happy with this movie and how things played out. Observant Marvel comic fans will be delighted with all the inside references to comic tid-bits: from Stan Lee to S.H.I.E.L.D. to Bruce Banner there is plenty for a comic fan to condescendingly chuckle at. However, I did wish for more “oomph” from the Warriors 3 and Sif. Make no mistake, their characters were good, but I thought they could have been much better – especially Volstagg.

The actors also did a better job than I was expecting. Chris Hemsworth was a little bit too beefy, but still proved to be an enjoyable Thor. Natalie Portman was excellent as the venerable Jane Foster and I was actually able to get over my tendancy to view her as Padme – hooray! While Anthony Hopkins seemed a bit of a weak choice to play Odin, the rest of the actors in the Asgard lineup did fine work.

This brings me to graphics. Yes, there was plenty of awe-inspiring scenery and fierce battles, which were executed flawlessly, but were too much over-the-top. I am not a fan of the “move the camera around violently to create the feeling of more action” type of cinematography, but it was used frequently – along with extremely loud sound effects and very bright flashes of light – to “beef” up many scenes. In several places it actually detracted from an otherwise good scene – like the first battle with the Frost Giants. However, I was expecting this as it seems to be the current trend in action movies – especially big block buster events based on comic books.

Overall I was pleased with story of Thor and how it remained (mostly) true to the comic book. The actors and graphics for the most part helped the film be more fun to watch, but there were occassional elements of over-the-top story telling that was a bit distracting. If you are a fan of Marvel Comics, a kid, or someone who likes mega-blockbuster type movies then you should definitely see Thor.

Rusty’s Overall Rating: B+


Story: While I am glad to hear that Thor stayed true to its comic book origins, I am NOT a geeky comic book fan club member. That said, I was also very happy with the telling of this story. I felt that plenty of backstory was given and allowed me, knowing nothing of the comic book, to understand where Thor came from and all the reasons he was banished to Earth. I hate movies that make you do research before you see the film, and I was very pleased to not have one single moment of confusion while watching Thor. Also, having no expectations of the characters, I wasn’t disappointed in some of them like Rusty was. I enjoyed Thor’s friends, how they were colorful and unruly, and how they stayed true to him. I also very much liked the sentinel at the gateway between worlds. He was a wicked cool character. Is he in the comic books?

Characters: Chris Hemsworth too beefy??? Did I read that correctly?? Is Thor not a God? Are God’s not supposed to be all big muscles and beautifully enticing? I don’t think I would be satisfied with a less “beefy” actor playing the part of a God. I tell ya, that handsome hunk of meat is why I showed up. Yes, Natalie Portman did a great job as the scientist love interest. She has a gift for playing the unsuspecting girl next door type. And I agree with you about Anthony Hopkins playing the role of Odin. While I admire him immensely as an actor, I too felt he was the wrong choice for this role. When someone’s costume and appearance is distracting , maybe you should go with another pick. I also found it unbelievable when he showed up and “rescued” Thor and his friends from the Frost Giants. Any one of them could have flicked him and his horse across the universe, and he saved the day? I think not. Tom Hiddleston was a perfect fit for Loki, and I loved to hate him. I did enjoy the references to other superhero’s, I’m sure I didn’t catch them all, but I laughed my butt off at the jab at Iron Man. And the SHIELD guy is the same guy from Iron Man too. Clever.

Graphics: I get into movies. I love the theater shaking speakers and over the top adventure scenes. So, I don’t complain about an action scene being unbelievable, because it is wildly entertaining and I rarely feel that that it’s too much. I particularly enjoyed the scenes where the characters traveled between worlds. The bridge, the swirling clouds, and the patterns left by the portal were all very fun to watch.

Cin’s Rating: Overall, I give this movie an A. I enjoyed every minute of it, and so did my kids. There were many comical scenes that provoked out loud laughter. It was an appropriate movie to watch as a family. The lessons Thor learned are lessons that apply to us all. We were thoroughly entertained, and I left the theater feeling like “That’s a movie I will buy.” That’s a good feeling. (And we now own a Thor action figure. )