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Green Lantern is based on the comic book series of the same name, about test pilot Hal Jordan who inherits a powerful green ring and green lantern and transforms into a superhero.


I think I’ve made it perfectly clear in previous posts that I am not a reader of comic books. I am however, a HUGE fan of comic book movies! I love the expansion of the mind that is asked of a movie viewer to accept an unrealistic plot, bizarre characters, and unbelievable happenings that surround superheroes. It is a very exciting escape from reality, and I look forward to comic book movies just as much as I look forward to romantic comedies. In my opinion Green Lantern lived up to all the hype.


Hal Jordan is a test pilot whose life is disrupted when he is enveloped in a green cloud of light and carried to a dying alien, crash-landed on Earth. The alien explains that Hal has been chosen, and that this is a great honor and a great responsibility. Then the alien dies, leaving Hal Jordan with a mysterious green ring, a green lantern, and lots of unanswered questions. Eventually all of his questions are answered and Hal Jordan joins the ranks of the Green Lanterns and becomes a protector of Earth. I was happy that all of those questions were answered for me as well, and I didn’t have to rely on any comic book knowledge to understand what was happening in the movie. However, there were a couple of things that I thought could have been explained more quickly or more thoroughly.


I thought Ryan Reynolds was a perfect fit as Hal Jordan. He was egotistical, handsome and intelligent, so that made him very believable as someone to fit the mold of a superhero. Yet, as with any interesting character, he had flaws that gave him depth and attracted more interest from the audience.

Blake Lively played Hal’s love interest, Carol Ferris. I thought she was a bit young for the role she was playing, an experienced test pilot. I was frustrated that I could not place where I had seen her before, so the second I got home I hopped on IMDB and realized she played in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. She traded her blonde hair for the brunette locks in Green Lantern.

Hector Hammond was played by Peter Sarsgaard, and I thought he did a terrific job as the senator’s son/scientist gone wacky. I didn’t realize during the movie that his deformity was supposed to be an enlarged brain, I had to read that on IMDB as well.

And the main villain in Green Lantern, Parallax, was downright frightening! A nameless, faceless entity of evil made a very intimidating character.


I really enjoyed the visual stunts in Green Lantern. The ring was practically a character, and I loved the green field of energy it produced. I liked the special effects when Hal Jordan launched through space to the home planet of the Green Lantern Corps, traveling through star fields and wormholes. The evil smoky villain was great too, and the scenes where it actually had a face were done very well. I liked Hal Jordan’s suit, how it was more like skin than a costume. The filmmakers wanted the uniform not to be a real cloth outfit but a light construct generated by the Lantern power ring. The actors wore motion-capture suits, over which the uniforms were rendered using computer-generated imagery.


I thought Green Lantern was a creative and fun movie to watch. It was appropriate for my kids (ages 8 and 10), and it’s one I will watch with my family again and again. There was no lack in the excitement department, and full of action, humor and a great lesson that our weaknesses can become strengths. I give this movie an overall rating of A-.




I thought that Ryan Reynolds did a good job as Hal Jordan. Being a comic book fan, I doubt there is any actor who would have done complete justice to the character in my mind. Reynolds was pretty good, and at least wasn’t distractingly bad.

Blake Lively’s character, on the other hand, was distracting. Yes, she was so hot that it was hard to concentrate on her acting, but like Cin I totally didn’t buy the fact that an experienced pilot and business person would actually be that young. Another actress, closer to Reynolds in age, would have been much better.

All the other actors did good jobs, but I was especially pleased with Mark Strong’s performance as Sinestro – the overly confident leader of the Green Lantern Corps. Bravo! I thought he gave the strongest performance of the whole show, and would love to see him reprise this role.


Overall the graphics were pretty good. Yes, there were a few parts that were too over-the-top, but I am used to that – especially in summer blockbuster movies based on comic books. Oh well. And the costume for Green Lantern? Meh. It was kind of cheesy looking, but at least the characters in the movie poke fun at it and that helps alleviate some of the pain.

I’ll agree with Cin that Parallax looked cool in the movie, but this was one area where my inner comic book geek had a difficult time dealing with differences from the comic. In the comic book Parallax is a nasty, scary looking villain but not a floating carpet of roiling fear goo! I consider this to be the biggest mis-cast in the show. I thought Parallax was a cool comic book villain that didn’t need to be “oomphed” up for the movie.


Overall I enjoyed Green Lantern. For the most part is was pretty true to its comic book origins, and was updated enough not to be too cheesy. A fun movie to watch. Hopefully it will be successful enough to spawn a sequel with a new villain – one that is deliciously hinted at after the credits roll. I give this film a B+.