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AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (That’s me, screaming with excitement!!!!) Go ahead, call me a crazy lunatic Twilight fan, I can handle it.

I first saw the trailer for Breaking Dawn Part I (ugh… must they break movie into 2 parts?) when we went to Green Lantern over the weekend. I was sitting next to my brother Rusty in the theater, and when the preview showed Jacob opening Bella and Edwards wedding invitation, Rusty leaned over to whisper his surprise that Taylor Lautner actually had a shirt on! But before his sentence was even started, his shirt was ripped off revealing that beautiful bronze body. I then reminded Rusty of Lautner’s contract to be shirtless every 10 seconds of screen time. (Ha ha ha ha ha…)

Breaking Dawn Part I is scheduled to release November 18, 2011.