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Tooth Fairy is about a successful hockey player that is summoned to serve time as a real life tooth fairy.


My 10 year old son, Hunter, lost a tooth recently, and I am ashamed to admit, that I forgot my duty as the tooth fairy, and he woke up the following morning disappointed that no magical exchange had taken place during the night. He woke me that day by loudly and grumpily announcing that the tooth fairy forgot his tooth. He then snubbed my suggestion that maybe the little winged lady was just too busy to make it to Utah last night.

Guess what? I forgot again the next night! I know, I should be flogged. Hunter woke me that morning by yelling in my ear, “Ahem! Tooth Fairy! I’ll give you one more chance before I get angry!”

“Gosh Hunter, she didn’t come again? Maybe there is some crazy tooth disease in Africa that is keeping her extra busy…” He didn’t find that excuse amusing. He left the tooth on my nightstand as a blatant reminder. He also let me know that he only accepts five-dollar bills. (One dollar is the standard payment, but I guess he felt entitled to a bonus for suffering a long wait.)

So, not one to be upstaged by a demanding child, I was sure to perform my duty that night. But instead of a five-dollar bill, the tooth fairy left 500 pennies. Is that mean? Hunter thought it was mean. I thought it was hilarious!


  • Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Ashley Judd
  • Rated: PG for mild language, some rude humor and sports action.
  • Released: 2010
  • Genre: Family, Kids, Comedy
  • My Opinion: A great family movie.


A minor league hockey player is fondly known as the “Tooth Fairy” on the court because he has a habit of hitting people so hard their teeth fall out! One evening he almost spills the beans to his girlfriends’ daughter about the tooth fairy not being real. Later that night, he sprouts a large pair of wings and is transported to fairyland, where he is summoned to serve time as a real tooth fairy as punishment for discouraging children’s dreams.


Tooth Fairy was a fun movie to watch with my kids. And there is no need to worry about the film sharing the hard truth with your little ones, it will not curb their belief in the tooth fairy. It was full of laughter and magic, and a lesson that all adults could use reminding of: “Don’t give up on your dreams.”


  • You can rent Tooth Fairy at any movie store or Netflix.
  • You can purchase this movie at Amazon.com.
  • There are also plenty of good used copies at eBay.


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