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Thanks to all who participated in Science Fiction Movie and Book Give Away contest this week!

Congratulations to Will, who posted my favorite comment, about Gattaca:

“1 of my all time favorite movies as well. It was so believable that genetics based discrimination was simultaneously illegal & the foundation of society. As valid a prediction as any I can think of. Gattaca is a wonderful counterpoint to the FX heavy, plot thin movies that pass for sci fi – the only FX were rockets launching in the distance & the whine of electric motors in the cars (including Thurman’s ’62-’63 Studebaker Avanti).”

For posting a well thought out comment, Will wins The Adjustment Bureau and The Early Work of Philip K. Dick Volume 1: The Variable Man and Other Stories!

Will, please scroll to the very bottom, click “Contact Us”, and let me know how I can get your prize to you!