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The Nines is a mind-bending movie divided into three parts, about an actor, a writer, and a video game designer that are all somehow connected by the number 9.


  • Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Melissa McCarthy, Hope Davis
  • Rated: R for language, some drug content and sexuality.
  • Released: 2007
  • Genre: Drama, Mystery, Mind-Bender
  • My Opinion: An excellent on screen puzzle!


  1. A jilted actor burns down his house when he torches his girlfriend’s belongings.
  2. A television writer has to choose between his best friend and the studio’s preference.
  3. A video game designer goes for help when his car breaks down in the woods, stranding his wife and daughter.

Three seemingly random and unrelated stories, yet they all intertwine, taking the viewer on an imaginative and puzzling ride. And best of all, a satisfying ending that gives you answers to all the questions that this movie invokes.


Wow! I truly love watching a movie that compels me to shout out loud, “What The Hell Is Going On Here!!??” I love shaking my head in utter confusion, knowing that the answer to this question is going to be a doosie. I especially love finding this type of movie while browsing through my Netflix Online Streaming instant library! If you enjoy movies that force you to stretch the boundaries of your mind, The Nines is one for you. Great performances by Ryan Reynolds, and Gilmore Girls’ Melissa McCarthy!



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