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In the mood to watch a scary movie for Halloween?  Don’t want to drive to the video store, only to find that everyone else is in the same mood?  There are LOADS of Halloween movies on Netflix Instant Streaming to choose from!  I’ve listed 25 that are guaranteed to fill your need.

If you are logged into your Netflix account you can click the links below to be taken directly to that movies page. And remember, all of these films were available in October 2011, but that may change.

An American Werewolf in London: A backpacker is attacked and then changes into a werewolf himself.

The Awakening: A group of friends get lured into the wilderness and die one by one.

Child’s Play: Yep, this movie is one of the big reasons my kids don’t have sleepovers!  I still haven’t recovered from watching that murderous doll slash his victims at a sleepover when I was a kid.

The Craft: Teen witches use their powers against all who cross them.

The Exorcist: A priest tries to exorcise an evil spirit dwelling in a young girl.

The Exorcist 2: The Heretic:  Father Lamont travels to Africa to learn more about the demon from the first movie.

Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes: Supposed real footage is shown in this movie, footage that inspired the original movie The Exorcist.

The Fly: A scientist accidentally turns himself into a house fly in this classic horror film.

Gothika:A criminal psychologist becomes a patient in her own institution after a disturbing vision.

Halloween: H20: Think 20 years is long enough to forgive your brother for trying to kill you?  Probably not.

Halloween: Resurrection: Michael Myers pops in for some fun with the reality show taking place in his childhood home.

Interview With The Vampire: A tale of vampires from novelist Anne Rice.

Ju-On 2: Creepy crawly children and other strange beings you’ll lose sleep over in this Japanese horror film.

Night of the Living Dead: A low budget horror classic!

The Others: About a mother living in a mansion with her two children, who are allergic to sunlight.  (Read my full review here.)

Paranormal Activity: A couple set up a video camera to document the strange happenings in their home.

Poltergeist II: Carol Anne and her family realize they are AGAIN living on unholy ground.

Poltergeist III: Carol Anne moves to Chicago, but can’t get away from the spirits that haunt her.

Saw VI and Saw The Final Chapter: The Jigsaw Killer strikes again!  And again!

Scream: Teens getting slashed left and right in this first installment that spawned an entire industry.

Scream 3: Third time around of the killer slashing everyone Sidney knows…

The Skeleton Key: A caregiver works at a creepy old plantation in the swamps outside of New Orleans.

South Park Spook-Tacular!: Ghostly buccaneers, a killer goldfish and Satan’s Halloween party.

Trick R Treat: Can everyone in this small town survive the night?  I doubt it…

 Oh my gosh!  The list goes on and ON!!  To find more thrills and chills, search the Horror genre at Netflix.

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