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The Others is a dark and suspenseful movie about a mother living in a mansion with her two children, who are allergic to sunlight.


I’m sure every small town has a witch.  You know, the creepy old lady in the old dilapidated house.  All the kids cross to the other side of the street instead of walking directly past her property…

In my town, there was an old woman with hair as white as snow and skin just as pale.  She always wore a long black cloak.  She had a cackle that would curdle milk, and she was mean.  She only came out at night.  Rumor had it she was allergic to the sun.  So if you wanted to catch a glimpse of her you had to do it after dark.  To top it off, she lived in a creepy old wooden white house.  It was surrounded by a tall white picket fence, and had so much untrimmed shrubbery that the heavily curtained windows were barely visible from the street.  I vividly remember the patio on her roof.  It too was surrounded by a white picket fence.  It was said that The Witch would go outside, there on her patio in the dim moonlight, and make sacrifices of blood…

Yep, that’s how we got thrills in my town, we dared each other to get a look at The Witch.  To this very day, I shudder each time I pass her house.  How is it possible that a scary story from my childhood still freaks me out?  Of course, I passed the legend on to my kids…and they too are afraid of The Witch.  And every time I see The Others, I remember the old lady in my little town that was allergic to sunlight.


  • Starring: Nicole Kidman
  • Rated: PG-13 for thematic elements and frightening moments.
  • Released: 2001
  • Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Scary
  • My Opinion: A perfect movie to watch in the dark!


Near the end of WWII, a woman lives alone with her two children in a huge mansion.  Her children are deathly allergic to sunlight, so the drapes are always closed and the family lives in the dark.  When new servants are hired, strange things start happening around the house.  The children are afraid the house is haunted.  And try as she might to prove them wrong, the mother eventually agrees… there is something unnatural in the house.


Whew!  This is one of those movies that cause you to bite your nails to a bloody pulp!  What is amazing to me, is that the fright doesn’t come from scary images or violent happenings.  There is not a drop of blood in the entire movie.  It is the slow and steady build of suspense, the intensity of each scene, and the puzzling events that cause your terror.  The shadows, the candlelight, and the locked doors all exaggerate your underlying fear.  And the ending will blow your mind!  It’s an ending you can’t possibly see coming, yet when the credits roll, you realize that it is the only ending that would make sense.

This is NOT a movie for younger children.  Yes it is only PG-13.  But it is intense.  So unless your kids are conditioned to horror, it’s probably too scary for them.  But for the older and more experienced crowd… watch it at night, when there is no sunlight…


  • The Others is currently available on Netflix Instant Streaming.
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