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Are you looking for the top horror movies to watch on Netflix Instant Streaming? Here are 13 of the best scary movies that will send a chill up your spine!

Terror by pablokdc, CC 2.0 license

If you are logged into your Netflix account you can click the links below to be taken right to that movie’s page. Just remember: all of these films were available in March 2012, but that could change.

• The Exorcist (1973) Rated R. Netflix summary: “When movie actress Chris MacNeil (Ellen Burstyn) begins to suspect that an evil spirit is possessing her young daughter, Regan (Linda Blair), she calls in two priests (Max von Sydow and Jason Miller) to try and exorcise the demon against frightening and formidable odds. Writer William Peter Blatty scored an Academy Award for his big-screen adaptation of his own novel; the film also won an Oscar for Best Sound.”

• An American Werewolf in London (1981) Rated R. Netflix summary: “After surviving a vicious werewolf attack that left his friend dead, an American backpacker in London becomes a murderous werewolf himself. Prowling the streets of London, he learns that his living-dead victims will wander in limbo until he’s dead.”

• The Fly (1986) Rated R. Netflix summary: “While testing his teleportation device, scientist Seth Brundle (Jeff Goldblum) accidentally merges his cells with those of a housefly. As his reporter girlfriend (Geena Davis) bears witness, Seth slowly — and quite disgustingly — morphs into an insect. David Cronenberg’s 1986 remake of the Vincent Price original achieves an unlikely concoction of horror, romance and pathos, thanks largely to Goldblum’s strangely touching performance.”

• Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954) Not rated. Netflix summary: “A legend in the history of B-movie fare. How many female scientists travel the Amazon bedecked in bikini-wear calculated to charm an anaconda off a branch? That’s what happens when Julie Adams and fellow scientist Richard Carlson happen upon the black lagoon and the amphibious creature inhabiting it. Casting a gimlet eye on Adams in backstroke, it’s love at first sight for the scaly beast.”

• Gothika (2003) Rated R. Netflix summary: “After a car crash, a criminal psychologist (Halle Berry) comes to, only to find that she’s a patient in the same mental institution that currently employs her. It seems she’s been accused of murdering her husband — but she has no memory of committing the crime. As she tries to regain her memory and convince her co-workers of her innocence, a vengeful spirit uses her as an earthly pawn, which further convinces everyone of her guilt.”

• Stephen King’s Children of the Corn (1984) Rated R. Netflix summary: “A young couple stranded in a rural town falls into the sinister hands of a mysterious group of children who murder all of the town’s adults at the command of their leader, known only as ‘He Who Walks Behind the Rows.'”

• The Fog (1980) Rated R. Netflix summary: “While an old, weather-beaten fisherman tells a ghost story to fascinated children huddled by a campfire, a piece of driftwood in a child’s hands begins to glow, and an eerie fog envelops the seaside community of Antonio Bay. From its midst emerges demonic victims of a century-old shipwreck seeking revenge on the small town. Director John Carpenter’s follow-up to his breakout film, Halloween, stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Janet Leigh.”

• Psycho (1998) Rated R. Netflix summary: “Filmed in bloodcurdling color, this remake of the 1960 shocker stars Anne Heche as Marion Crane, who makes a fateful stop at the Bates Motel — run by mama’s boy Norman Bates (Vince Vaughn) — after embezzling $400,000. When Marion fails to show up for work, her disappearance triggers an investigation by her lover (Viggo Mortensen), her sister (Julianne Moore) and a private eye (William H. Macy) … who discover that Norman has a morbid secret.”

• Interview with the Vampire (1994) Rated R. Netflix summary: “Director Neil Jordan’s Oscar-nominated tale of bloodsucking immortals moves from 18th century New Orleans to a Grand Guignol theater in Paris to present-day San Francisco as it explores betrayal, love, loneliness and hunger. The lives of a trio of vampires — cavalier Lestat (Tom Cruise), tormented Louis (Brad Pitt) and childlike Claudia (Kirsten Dunst) — are interconnected for centuries in this adaptation of Anne Rice’s romantic horror tale.”

• The Girl Next Door (2007) Rated R. Netflix summary: “Inspired by true events, this thriller set in 1958 follows the harrowing story of two adolescent girls (Blythe Auffarth and Madeline Taylor) who, upon losing their parents in an accident, are sent to live with their Aunt Ruth (Blanche Baker), a sadistic psychopath. Unbeknownst to the residents of the small New Jersey suburb, the girls endure unthinkable punishment at the hands of their aunt and three cousins.”

• Monkey Shines (1988) Rated R. Netflix summary: “Quadriplegic law student Allan Mann (Jason Beghe) gets in-home care from Ella, a supersmart monkey injected with human brain tissue. Initially, it’s a dynamite relationship — until she starts anticipating Allan’s thoughts and acting out his subconscious desires. Horror veteran George Romero wrote and directed this 1988 chiller, which co-stars Joyce Van Patten, Stanley Tucci and Janine Turner.”

• The Shrine (2010) Not rated. Netflix summary: “When a group of American journalists (Aaron Ashmore, Cindy Sampson, Meghan Heffern and Trevor Matthews) heads to Poland to investigate the death of a Yankee backpacker who disappeared without a trace, they find a creepy village — and a mysterious shrine that suggests strange activities have taken place there. Director Jon Knautz also penned the story to this psychological thriller that throws the travelers into hellishly inhospitable conditions.”

• The Amityville Haunting (2011) Not rated. Netflix summary: “Thirty years after the brutal slayings in Amityville, a new troubled family moves into the home. One month later, police uncover recordings made by the young son, which document the supernatural terror they faced before their gruesome deaths.”

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