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This is a guest post by Christine Kane.

Another Ryan Gosling win. Whether you saw his stirring performance as a struggling teach in Half Nelson or his odd ball behavior in Lars and The Real Girl, Drive is definitely one you should stream now on Netflix.

If you like Quentin Tarantino-esque films and a funky indie film then you are in for a treat. Ryan Gosling plays a Hollywood stuntman and part time mechanic that moonlights as a getaway car driver for various no name criminals. The aloof Gosling meets pixie and pretty neighbor Carrie Mulligan and her child. It is quickly realized the two are smitten with each other but a minor thing comes between them. Mulligan’s husband has been released from prison and he comes with baggage. In order for Gosling to save his friendship with Mulligan and family he agrees to help Mulligans husband Gosling then finds himself involved in something he can’t get out of. Insert an intense and short scene with actress Christina Hendricks and let the gore games begin. Throughout the movie as each bloodbath unfolds you can’t help but feel getting caught up with Goslings heroic acts and telling yourself it is okay he just beat ‘that bad man to a bloody pulp’. During these scenes Gosling keeps and clam demeanor that will haunt you long after the movie is over.

The plot tends to be slow and eerie but there is something that entices you through the movie that keeps you wanting more. Just how far will this man go to protect something that may not even be his?

Drive is full of delightful surprises like Gosling’s mentor and mechanic friend played by Bryan Canston and a modern mobster behind the blood baths actor Albert Brooks.

The lighting in the movie is dark and somber and the music is like something that Daft Punk left in the studio a few years ago. This movie is definitely not for the big blockbuster lovers and weak of heart. Watch with caution and prepare for an intense ride.

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