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This is a guest post by Barbara Jolie.

There’s a Swedish horror movie – officially called a “romantic horror” movie – that you need to see. It’s called Let the Right One In, and it’s streaming right now on Netflix Instant. It’s not your typical vampire movie; it goes against pretty much every stereotype set up in the past few years since vampires have become all the rage in Hollywood. The movie deals with all sorts of deep themes, from childhood innocence to mortality to the nature of isolation, but it deals with them in a way that never feels heavy handed or boring. In other words, it’s a great movie.

What’s it about?

Let the Right One In is set in a small town in Sweden during the peak of winter. Every square inch of the town is covered in pure white freezing snow. You can tell it’s not a particularly prosperous town, as most of the characters live in modest lodgings and seem harrowed by some financial or mental terror. The main character of the movie is Oskar, your typical 12 year old boy who doesn’t seem to fit in at school or at home. At school he’s quiet, reclusive, and prone to being picked on by the bullies. At home he’s shutting himself away from a difficult home life with a single mom who’s trying to hold the family together.

Let the Right One In

One night, Oskar meets a mysterious girl named Eli in the park outside his apartment complex. Eli appears to be a withdrawn young girl, and Oskar is immediately drawn to her mystique. It turns out the Eli moved into a neighboring apartment with a man, presumably her father. At first they talk infrequently during the night at the park, but Oskar gradually gets through to her and they start to form a fast friendship.

At the same time there have been a series of grisly murders in the small town, with all the residents scared about the reason behind them. At the beginning of the movie, the motive for the killing isn’t entirely clear. Eventually you learn that Eli is a vampire in the movie, and that someone is doing the killings to help keep her alive, but the particulars of how everything happened seem unclear. When Oskar finds out about Eli, it only endears him to the girl even more. Eli and Oskar become extremely close, because both of them help each other out of their own personal troubles that plague their lives.

Ultimately it’s a story of two outsiders who find and help each other realize that they’re not alone. It’s a touching movie, with parts that will have your emotions confused in a delightful way. You’ll want to laugh at the somewhat gory humor, and you’ll find yourself stricken with tender moments punctuated by vampire antics.

I won’t tell you exactly how everything ends, but that should be more than enough to get you starting on this stirring film.

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