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If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you bring? If you had any sense, your list would be: a modem, your computer, and a lifetime subscription to Netflix. That way, you’d always be super entertained even if left all on your own. At first glance, some of the movies in the Netflix Instant Queue can seem a little obscure, but discovering new faves is part of the fun and could keep you busy for days. The next time you’re bored, check out some of Netflix’s hidden gems.

Comedy: “Arrested Development“AD” could be one of the most well-known series flops ever. When it was aired on FOX, next to no one watched the hilarious story of a family’s fall from grace. Then, the show got popped onto the Netflix queue years later, and a legitimate star was born. The demand for “AD” has been so huge that the producers, directors, and the actors are all coming back together to film an entirely new season specifically slated to appear on Netflix. If you’re looking for a few laughs, you’ll find them through the Bluth family.

Action: “Battle RoyaleAt the risk of sounding cliché, “Battle Royale” was released in 2000 and was big in Japan. Think “Hunger Games,” only 100 times more violent. In fact, “Hunger Games” writer Suzanna Collins was accused of stealing the plot line for her book from the cult classic. In “Battle Royale,” Japanese children are forced on an island to fight to the death while wearing tracking collars. It’s action-packed and seriously disturbing, but it’s also Japanese filmmaking at its best. Check it out before a terrible American version is released.

Drama: “The NinesBefore blockbuster roles in “The Proposal” and “The Green Lantern,” superstar Ryan Reynolds was more content to take on smaller, more experimental roles. In “The Nines,” he plays three separate characters in three separate storylines that later converge in an “ah!” moment. Completely devoid of splashy special effects, it’s more about the story and the acting than anything. Added bonus? Hilarious Melissa McCarty makes appearances as three different characters.

Family: “The Secret of KellsIf you’re sick of your kids drooling over the latest 3D movie, try something a little more low-key. “The Secret of Kells” is about a boy who must embark on a quest, making friends and finding help along the way. If you prefer traditional animation like that found in “Ponyo” or “Kiki’s Delivery Service,” you’ll probably love “Kells” for its simple animation but exciting storyline. While it can be dark and a little frightening at times, it’s generally a movie about the triumph of light over darkness and perfect to watch with your super-bored kids.

Romance: “TiMERLooking for a Friday night flick to save money on the usual dinner and a movie? Check out adorable and thinky romance, “TiMER.” It’s about a world where people can implant a device in their wrists that counts down to the exact moment when they’ll meet their soul mate. Unfortunately, main character Oona’s soul mate doesn’t have his implanted yet. Does she wait around on her own or does she fall in love despite the timer on her wrist? It’s a break from the regular Hollywood romances and fun to watch with your significant other.

See? Getting stranded on a desert island wouldn’t be so bad if you had nonstop entertainment. Who needs a water source when you have Ryan Reynolds and “Arrested Development”? It’s all about survival here, people… the fire and the shelter can totally wait.

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