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This is a guest post by Lauren Michaels.


The next installment in the “Silent Hill” film franchise is hitting theaters October 26th, just in time for Halloween. “Silent Hill: Revelation 3D” is the second part in a trilogy based on the classic, horror-filled video game series, and already has fans eagerly waiting its arrival in cinemas. Taking things to the next level with 3D, “Revelation” is set to bring the house down with twists, turns, and plenty of jumpy scenes. With the perfect blend of chills and thrills, this horror flick aims to take the bloody genre to new heights.


Another Dimension


Silent HillWhat sets the Silent Hill franchise apart from other scary storylines is that it takes viewers to an alternate dimension, immersing them in horror with every turn. In the town of Silent Hill, witches, cults, and faceless children run amok, providing an original style of horror not seen in video games before. What makes the “Silent Hill” franchise– film or video game– so popular is its creative fantasy created in each story. Just in time for the spooky season, the film will sure to inspire some great Halloween costumes this year.

The upcoming film’s title has an interesting twist included: it’s in 3D. The film’s producer, Michael Bassett, acknowledged the 3D element and how it can draw the audience into the alternate world. The new dimension of the film is set to make the fantastical horror elements a reality. With 3D movies coming out of the woodwork this lately, producers and fans alike are hoping the technology will help set the film apart from the rest.


All Signs Point to “Yes”


Will “Silent Hill: Revelation 3D” come through? Responding to the mixed reviews of the first installment, Bassett seems committed to making a sequel that outdoes the original. Charles Webb mentions a scene where there is a “spider-like mannequin creature” that is “jabbing its severed dummy heads at the camera” – taking full advantage of 3D. With crazy creatures crawling around and faceless nurses floating from room to room, the horror element will be laid on thick, giving every fan a feast of thrills. The video game franchise has had a cult following for over 10 years, and fans are hoping the next films come through in staying true to the storylines.

The Halloween movie season has seen a variety of horror films try to succeed at winning over fans of the genre. From slasher flicks to time-honored ghost stories on film, Halloween film have the perfect marketing blend. “Silent Hill” is no different in that respect, but with advancements in 3D technology and a promising story, this next version is set to take viewers to a whole new level of freaked out. Mark your calendar for October 26th and brace yourself for an eye popping horror experience.

After studying film at UCLA, Lauren found that her second love, writing, allowed her to be both critic and harbinger of information. She now freelances for a variety of entertainment publications and is a regular at her local theater.