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This is a guest post by Jillian Terry.

Steve Jobs is probably the most famous and influential American of at least a generation. His influence can be felt through the millions of Apple products used worldwide for any number of uses. His pioneering vision led the way to amazing innovations in mobile tech, the digital music industry, smartphones, and tablets, just to name a few things. Without Steve Jobs, the world as we know it would have been a very different place.

When Steve Jobs died on October 5, 2011, the entire world mourned the loss. Jobs was one of the luminaries in the tech industry, but his vision made him more like an icon for people of all backgrounds. Everyone from prominent world leaders to average Apple fans made their woes known through contributions, tribute videos, reflections, and dedications. People said that Jobs left the world too soon, that he still had much wisdom to impart.

Now people have the chance to get more of a glimpse into the mind of Steve Jobs. Netflix recently added a movie-length interview with Steve Jobs to its streaming list, available for all Netflix users to watch. The movie/interview is called Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview and takes place sometime in 1995. The person conducting the interview is former Apple employee turned tech journalist Robert X. Cringely who questions Jobs over the course of 70-plus minutes on everything from the foundations of Apple to the thinker’s outlook on life.

Apple fans will surely find this film to be hugely engrossing. Steve Jobs didn’t give very many interviews, and he certainly never gave any that ran over an hour, so to just see the man speak at length will be something for true Apple devotees to watch. For people who aren’t so obsessed with Apple, the long interview still works just because Steve Jobs has become such an iconic figure in American culture.

The interview takes place before Jobs returned to Apple to turn it into the success story we know today, so it’s fascinating to watch Jobs talk about the company in the past tense. At the time Jobs was working at his company NeXt, and he makes it clear how he feels about the current management at Apple. Who could have guessed that he was about to return to the company that he founded a few years later only to make it one of the most valuable companies in the world?

I’d recommend this movie to anyone with an interest in the history of technology in this country. You don’t have to be an Apple person or a PC person to enjoy this movie. Watching Steve Jobs talk for this long is nothing short of a gift.

Jillian Terry writes about education, mobile technology, and pop culture for teachingdegree.org among other sites. Feel free to send her some comments!