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This is a guest post by Hannah.

Whether you love money or you want to learn how to manage it better, there are so many fantastic documentaries out there that can teach you everything from how people get into debt to how the United States got into its financial mess today.  With so many documentaries to choose from out there, here are five that you may want to consider the next time you want to watch something on money:

The Ascent of Money

The Ascent of Money is one of the best documentaries you can watch if you wish to know the history about finances and various financial analyses. This documentary gives life to different ways and methods of handling money and although these facts happened hundreds of years ago, it can be noted that they are still very timely and truly informational.

Money as Debt 2: Problems Unleashed

One of the most common things that a lot of people are in agreement with is the fact that at one point in their lives they have been caught in too much debt without knowing how to get past it. This documentary gives life to some important facts on why people fall in debt and why debt is sometimes too difficult to pay. This documentary also provides with exemplary examples wherein people are taught how to value money more and never be in debt ever again.

What Would Jesus Buy?

Another great documentary created by the director behind the infamous Supersize Me documentary created What Would Jesus Buy as a means of relating our practices with money and how we have become enslaved by it. Thus, the question makes us think that if Jesus were alive in this world, what would be the necessities he would value the most?

Capitalism: A Love Story

Another great money documentary to watch is none other than Capitalism: A Love Story. If in the past people regarded the concept of Capitalism as a boring subject, this documentary will recreate its meaning and importance by relating to a love story wherein thought provoking information about money is clearly presented in most scenes.

The End of Poverty

The End of Poverty is a documentary that looks into the state of poverty in some developing countries and gives life to whether or not the problem has already been addressed or is worsening at the moment. The strong documentary challenges the works and promises of politicians from different countries questioning their plans to free people from the state of poverty.

Now that you have some idea on what best money documentaries to watch not only to learn more how to budget and invest your money properly but also to know how to free yourself from debt and how to never experience poverty, what more are you still waiting for? Make sure to find the time to watch these documentaries now because they can greatly help you at present and in the future.

This was a post written by Hannah.  Her website, HowMuchIsIt.org helps you find out what things cost in life.