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This is a guest post by Jason Miner.

I am a huge fan of classic films, and murder mysteries are one of my favorite genres. However I prefer a little humor with my murder. That is where the Charlie Chan series comes in. This humorous take on the mystery genre is full of Asian stereotypes and fortune cookie speaking from the non-Asian lead actor Sidney Toler. The tale of an Asian-American police detective defied the ‘yellow devil’ stereotypes that Asians of the 1930s and 1940s frequently fell into and the films are often funny and thrilling to watch.

There are many Charlie Chan films available on Netflix streaming at this time. The one I have most recently watched is called The Chinese Cat. When Chan’s ‘number three son’ Tommy (Benson Fong) comes to visit he brings with him a lot of trouble. They get mixed up trying to solve the six month old murder case of a beautiful woman and it turns into solving three murders. However the scene in the funhouse always makes me laugh and the addition of African-American taxi driver Birmingham Brown (Mantan Moreland) is a joy.

There are several more Charlie Chan films available on Netflix instant streaming like:

If you are a fan of classic mystery/comedies then this series is for you!

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