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This is a guest post by Christine Maddox.

We all recognize the Disney name for one reason: Disney makes the best kids’ cartoons! My children love almost every Disney movie, so it is hard to pick what their favorites are. However, in alphabetical order, here are a few of their favorite Disney cartoons that are available to watch instantly on Netflix:

  1. Alice in Wonderland – The classic story from Lewis Carroll comes to animated life in this 1951 animated movie. From the talking flowers to the perennially late white rabbit to the always smiling Cheshire cat, there are many memorable characters in the cartoon. Although it can be a bit dark and scary for younger kids, this film is well known and loved.
  2. The Aristocats –Who doesn’t love a jazz singing group of cats? Full of great music and adorable kittens, this 1970 cartoon follows the adventures of aristocratic Parisian cats that are taken far from their home and dumped by their elderly owner’s back stabbing butler. The mother cat and three kittens make their way home with the help of a friendly alley cat. Singing, dancing, bright colors, beautiful scenery and a hint of romance make this cartoon one that you can watch with your kids over and over again. My children’s favorite character was the kind mouse.
  3. Atlantis – This 2001 film has a sequel that was released in 2003. Both movies take place in the mythical city of Atlantis. The hero, Milo, is an out of work scientist that thinks he has found the lost city of Atlantis. He finds a wealthy patron and makes the trek with a band of hired mercenaries. However when they find the city he is betrayed by them and they want to steal everything valuable. Milo helps the indigenous people to fight back and they regain their city and are safe once again. Exciting and with lots of funny parts, this movie series is best for older children.
  4. The Brave Little Toaster – This series has an unusual hero: a talking toaster! Join him and his appliance friends as they go to Mars or rescue animals from the pound. With lots of fun and adventure, this unusual series will quickly become a family favorite.
  5. Brother Bear 2 – The sequel to the Brother Bear movie, this sweet show is all about finding true love. Taking bears and dopey moose make this a kid friendly film.
  6. Disney Animation Series – This series has all your children’s favorite fairy tales in cartoon form. Join Mickey and the gang as they journey through famous stories like Jack and the Beanstalk, The Three Little Pigs, The Prince and the Pauper (my favorite!), The Tortoise and the Hare, and The Wind in the Willows. Each volume has six classic stories that your kids will love if they don’t already. From the golden days of Disney, these stories stick with kids for life and teach valuable lessons. Great for all ages.
  7. Dumbo – The 1941 classic tale of the baby elephant with giant ears, this one is well known for its colorful imagery, funny songs and somewhat sad story. Although everything is not so happy go lucky for this little elephant he makes the best out of his life and finally triumphs. Some scenes are hard for small children to understand.
  8. An Extremely Goofy Movie – Our favorite bumbling hero has his own film! When Goofy loses his job he starts back at college with his son, Max. Of course the teen is embarrassed by his dad but eventually learns to love this opportunity to become closer to his father. With mature themes this film is best for older kids.
  9. The Fox and the Hound – This classic 1981 film and its sequel is about finding friendship in strange places. When a baby fox is adopted by an older lady he becomes friends with the hound puppy next door. However the old dog doesn’t like the fox. The story escalates to the point that the two friends must decide between their friendship and the way things have always been between foxes and hounds. The movie can be a bit scary at times so it is best for older kids.
  10. The Great Mouse Detective – A great film to introduce kids to Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, this funny and thought provoking film is full of mystery, excitement and adventure. Although it has some scary parts it never gets too dark and stays fast paced the whole way through. One of my children’s absolute favorites!
  11. Hercules – The legend of demi-god Hercules is one myth that just keeps on going. When a baby god is kidnapped and taken to Earth and almost all his powers are stripped away can he still make his mark on the world. With super strength the hero goes forth to become a god and learns what it means to be human. My kids love the hero’s flying horse, Pegasus, his half goat mentor and the flame headed villain, Hades. Full of monster fighting, heroic deeds and adventure this is a fun family film.
  12. The Hunchback of Notre Dame – A movie all about not fitting in, this tale focuses on a hunchback raised in seclusion in the bell tower of a church. When the evil magister that raised him tries to hunt down a Gypsy girl the hunchback helps her to hide. Together the two fight prejudice and hatred. Filled with singing, dancing and color the movie is memorable and exciting. However it has mature themes that make it better for older kids.
  13. James and the Giant Peach – With an entirely different animation style, this Tim Burton cartoon is full of brilliant images and unforgettable characters. When James, an abused boy who lives with his evil aunts, drops his bag of magic the peach tree in his front yard grows the biggest peach ever. The aunts intend to make money off of it but James and his giant bug friends instead use it to escape. Through his journey James learns what it means to be a friend.
  14. Mulan – The breathtakingly beautiful and moving story of a girl’s effort to save her father and find herself; Mulan is one of the best Disney films ever made. The kids love the tiny funny dragon, Mushu voiced by Eddie Murphy, and the lucky cricket but adults and teens get caught up in the way Mulan is torn between being a woman like society expects her to be or pretending to be a man to save her disabled father from being killed in the way. With beautiful and memorable songs, lots of action and humor, and even more story line this is one Disney film you and your kids must not miss. It is my personal favorite and one I watch again and again. The sequel is also available on Netflix although it does not live up to the first one.
  15. The Nightmare Before Christmas – Another Tim Burton cartoon, this dark tale is great for older kids but may be too scary for younger ones. Full of gruesome images and Halloween humor, this twisted love story manages to get under your skin. A cult classic that teens will love.
  16. Pocahontas – The story of the Native American woman who foraged peace between her people and the English, this moving tale takes John Smith and company to a whole new level. Perfect to watch near Thanksgiving, this movie has themes of finding your own path, making new friends and understanding different cultures. Great for all ages with wonderful songs, brilliant images and strong characters. The sequel is also available for streaming.
  17. The Rescuers – These two films, the original and the sequel: Rescuers Down Under, are all about the heroic efforts of mice who want to help children in danger or need. Sweet and full of action and adventure both movies are high quality and can be enjoyed by the whole family. The first movie involves rescuing an orphan girl from the swamp and the evil people who want to exploit her. The second helps an Australian boy save an endangered eagle from poachers. Both stories have lots of things for kids to love and learn from and keep adults entertained too.
  18. School House Rock! Earth – This silly sing along cartoon celebrates Earth day with the classic animation you come to expect from School House Rock.
  19. Tarzan and Jane – The sequel to the wonderful Tarzan film, this lackluster adventure fails to capture the vitality of the real thing. However it is still entertaining and kids that loved Tarzan are sure to like it too.
  20. The Tigger Movie – Fans of Winnie the Pooh have something to look forward to. The ever excitable Tigger gets his shot at being a star in this film that is great for young children. As Tigger searches for his family he learns that friends can be family too.
  21. Tinker Bell – The beautiful fairy from Peter Pan is back with her own film series. This colorful and magical series will keep young children entertained and learning. With valuable lessons in each film this series is a great one to watch with your young children.
  22. Treasure Planet – Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic book, Treasure Island, gets a futuristic reboot in this clever film. Just like in the story a young boy goes sailing off to find treasure, aided by the traitorous Long John Silver. Along the way he leans how to be a man and what family is really all about. A great film for older kids it offers valuable lessons about being independent without being rebellious, thinking on your feet, and appreciating your family and friends. With odd aliens and cool technology everywhere it is sure to keep your children’s attention.

These Disney cartoons are ones that my kids love to watch over and over again. I love it because Netflix lets them watch the films anytime without having to buy or rent them individually. Check out some of these great cartoons with your family today!

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This post is contributed by Christine Maddox. Currently she is pursuing her Master’s degree from University of Texas as well as blogging for www.4nannies.com. She loves to write anything related to parenting, kids, nanny care etc. She can be reached via email at: christine.4nannies @ gmail.com.


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