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This is a guest post by Allison.

Teenagers can be hard to please, especially when it comes to entertainment. They always want the latest and the best, and that is where Netflix comes in handy. With a great selection of teen and family friendly films, you are sure to find a great show to watch instantly through Netflix Instant Streaming. Here are some of the best teen movies available to watch instantly:

  1. Mulan –Ok, I know what you are thinking. This is a Disney cartoon, so why would my teen be interested in watching it? Well, for many reasons. When I was a teen this was one of my all-time favorite movies. It has everything you could want. Music, action, romance, and the underlying dynamic of finding out who you are as a person, regardless of what society tells you to be. This movie is empowering for teenage girls and yet humorous and action-y enough to keep teen boys entertained too. From war scenes, to massive mistakes that cause humorous chaos, to tiny, would be hero dragons and unlucky lucky crickets, this movie has it all. The idea is that a young Chinese girl does not fit the role she is destined to play, a demure wife. So when her disabled father is going to be enlisted into the army she dresses as a boy and takes his place. Her journey to discovering who she is and what a woman can really do is inspiring and the end of the movie will leave your teen cheering.
  2. Video Game High School –A relative newcomer to the world of movies, this interesting saga was originally a web series that has been edited into a movie. Over two hours long, the beginning can be a bit slow, but by the end of the film you want to watch it all over again. A great movie for teens that are obsessed with games! The adventures of a hapless teen who accidentally beats the top guy in a game and gets tossed into the deep end. As Brian makes his way through the rigors of a school devoted to gaming he learns that “It’s all about the game”. Making friends, fighting bullies, and becoming who you are meant to be makes this film a great one for teens to watch. I also love the journey of Ted, Brian’s roommate and best friend, who discovers there is more to life than being in the shadow of his abusive teacher slash father. The two boys are balanced by the tough and focused Jenny and the ditsy but brilliant Ki. These girls show the boys that it takes more than guts to be a great gamer, or a great boyfriend.
  3. The Avengers – The best super hero team up movie ever made. This Disney Marvel film is one that teens will watch again and again. Even teens who don’t keep up with comics will love the action, great story line, humor and overall coolness of this film. The height of super hero movies, this one is not to be missed. Featuring a team up of the Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye and Black Widow, your teen will be awestruck by the damage and chaos that Loki, Thor’s evil brother, can cause when he unleashes an alien horde onto Earth.
  4. Thor – Speaking of Loki, you have to see Thor to understand the relationship between the two estranged brothers. When Thor is on the edge of becoming king, his jealous brother, Loki, steps in to foul the whole thing up. In the process he gets Thor exiled to Earth without his powers and takes over the kingdom as their father falls ill. Thor can only get his powers back and save the kingdom by proving his worth. The love of an Earth woman and his eventual sacrifice to save his friends proves that Thor is indeed ready to be king. A great movie for teens that is filled with action and romance, Thor is cool enough to keep any teen entertained.
  5. Captain America: The First Avenger – Another super hero movie, this prequel to the Avengers is a little slow but offers a great glimpse into the creation and life of Captain America. I love the fact that Steve, Captain America’s actual name, was just a little guy who became big because of his strength of character. When the Captain finally sees what he is meant to do he ends up saving the world in a way he could never imagine. From great Nazi fighting scenes to awkward romances and military red tape, this film is worth watching.
  6. The Hunt for Red October – If your teen likes military or James Bond films then they will love this one. Starring Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin, this 1990 film expresses the tension and duplicity of the Cold War. When Connery, a Russian submarine captain, defects to the United States nothing goes smoothly. From traitors inside to trigger happy idiots on both sides, the tense situation could lead to all-out war. Full of great lines, memorable characters, and enough action to keep teens entertained, this film is one that will stick with them even as adults and give them a glimpse into the Cold War era that will make their history classes come alive.
  7. Super 8 – By the director of Star Trek and Stephen Spielberg, this tense film is all about the lives of six teenagers who witness something incredible as they film a movie. A group of teenage boys and one girl agree to film and star in a zombie movie for their friend to submit to a film festival. Set in 1979, the kids are on the cusp of becoming adults and want to be free of interfering or distant parents like Joe’s cop father. As they head out into the night to film, they witness something no one was supposed to see. As the movie progresses they get deeper and deeper into the conspiracy to cover up what they witnesses. When the military starts to shut down their entire small town, the teens do something about it. With tense action, romance, and even the supernatural, this film will have teens on the edge of their seat.
  8. Man of the House – Starring Tommy Lee Jones as the staid and cranky Texas Ranger Roland Sharp that is put in charge of protecting witnesses to a murder: five University of Texas cheerleaders. The preppy and peppy cheerleaders are rebellious, high spirited and hard to control. However Sharp quickly gets the girls in line and fights off romantic teenage boys, an undercover murderer, and even his own deputies to keep the girls safe. They eventually appreciate his help and he starts to warm up to their team spirit and drive to succeed. But when his estranged daughter is put on the line, will the girls prove to be an asset or a hindrance? Also starring Cedric the Entertainer, this comic movie is all about opposites colliding and strong personalities going head to head in a battle of wills. Teens will love the outrageously effervescent cheerleaders and the stern but funny Ranger who falls for their English professor. With just the right combination of humor, action, and suspense, this film is sure to be a hit with teens. Oh, and “Hook ‘em Horns”!
  9. The Hunger Games – If you have not heard about this young adult book series turned film then you must have been living under a rock. Featuring the fearless Katniss, a teenage girl in a world of violence and starvation who enters a fight to the death to save her younger sister, this film is all about sacrifice and survival despite the odds. From the awkward love triangle between Katniss, baker and fellow death fighter Peeta, and Gale her long-time friend, to the action filled fights and tension filled chases through the woods, this film is definitely not for the faint of heart. Dystopian and dark, this one is definitely for older teens but should not be missed.
  10. Buck – A documentary is usually not what teens are up for, but this one is special. Focusing on Buck, the Horse Whisperer, you get a glimpse into the world of riding and taming horses. You also get to see the struggles of Buck, a man who has overcome child abuse to become a loving father and gentle trainer of horses. From his calm voice and mannerisms to the loving way he treats the horses and his family teens can learn a lot about self-control, love, and what it means to be a human being.
  11. Hellboy – Another comic based film, this one is darker and less ‘super’ than is typical. Focused on Hellboy, a demon raised by humans, you get a glimpse into the dark underworld of the city and the creatures that live there. From his friend Abe, a fish like creature hundreds of years old, to his fire-starter girlfriend, there is always something edgy about this film. Unusual and action filled, it is a great film for older teens and fans of dark comics.
  12. Big Fish – When all you know is lies, how can you determine the truth? A young man sits at his father’s death bed and wonders if any of the outrageous stories his father told him were ever true. The viewer goes with him through the complex and crazy stories to try to pick apart reality from fantasy. At last the young man finds out that it is not the truth that matters at all, but the relationship he had with his father. The ending is sad but heartwarming.

As you can see, there are many great films for teens available to stream instantly on Netflix. Check out these titles and more and see what family fun you and your teens can have. Be sure to check the ratings and make sure the content is something your teen is able to handle before you watch the show. Some films are more suited to older teens.

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