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This is a guest post by Michelle LaRowe.

Teens are hard to keep entertained but these great movies from the 1980s are sure to have them glued to the set. Here are some fun Netflix offerings for your teens:

  1. Clue – The classic board game comes to life in the movie from 1985. Starring Tim Curry, this somewhat stupid film will have teens rolling in the aisles. After all, when everyone wants to murder the main character what kind of mystery is it? A funny one! Teens can enjoy trying to figure out who done it and even get to watch an alternate ending if they don’t agree with the conclusion. After all, who doesn’t like a good mystery?
  1. Explorers – When three young teenage boys team up there is no telling what they can do. In this 1985 film Wolfgang, the smartest boy, puts together a computer program that creates a bubble that is able to fly anywhere safely, even outer space. His friend, Ben, has been having dreams that helped him draw schematics of the things they need to make their journey of success. Joined by a thuggish but handy boy who helps them build a space craft, the three teens take a journey into the unknown. A bit slow at first, the show is a fun one for teens to watch as they never know what is going to happen. From aliens to space pirates to love interest right at home and a cop on their tail, the three boys’ adventure will keep teens entertained, as will the obsolete and clunky computer equipment!
  1. Terminator 2: Judgment Day – If your teen has not seen Terminator 2 then they are missing out. Considered one of the best action films ever made, this violent movie centers on the teenager John Conner, who will one day save the world from a robot takeover. However the robots have come from the future to kill him and only one person can save him. Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as the Terminator, a flesh covered robot sent back to protect John from the shape shifting, liquid metal assassin T-1000. From rescuing his horrified mother to riding a motorcycle to fighting a robot through a forge, the action never ends with this film. A great one for teens that will get their adrenaline pumping.
  1. Who Framed Rodger Rabbit – Mixing animation with real life, this silly mystery comedy will have kids laughing and flinching as the reluctant gumshoe tries to help the stupid but loyal Rodger Rabbit find out who framed him for murder. From 1950’s era cars to cartoon women, this film has it all and humor to boot.
  1. The Breakfast Club – The classic 1980s teen film; no one’s teen years are complete without seeing this movie. There are so many references to it in shows of today that your teen will miss out on a bunch if they miss this one. Focusing on a group of misfit teens all stuck together for detention, you can only watch in awe as they do the things you always wanted to do in detention as a kid. They also get to know each other beyond the stereotypes of rich girl, jock and so on and find out they have more in common than they would think.
  1. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – Another 1980s classic teen film, this one is all about skipping school and living life. As Ferris, his best friend, and his girlfriend skip out of school to enjoy their last year as students together hot on their trail is the vice principle and Ferris’ jealous older sister. However Ferris doesn’t let them get him down and ends up in a parade, driving a nice car, and seeing things he’s never seen before. His friend, neurotic and depressed, also finds out that there is more to life than money and stress. Breaking free of the control of his rich but absent parents he decides to live life on his own terms. At the end everyone learns to get more out of life then doing what you are supposed to.
  1. War Games – Starring the same actor, this film will seem a bit retro to teens but is really good nonetheless. When a teen hacks into a government computer he accidentally tricks the computer into starting a nuclear countdown. Trying to stop it, the teen and his girlfriend break into the government facility and try to uncover the secret password that can stop the countdown before it is too late. Through their journey they learn what it means to play at war and what the devastation of a nuclear attack, and World War III, would be like. Thankfully they come up with a way to teach the computer the same thing they learned before it is too late.

Teens love action and adventure and these great movies are sure to thrill them, but as always, you should consider your viewing preferences and be sure any movie you allow your teen to watch lines up with your guidelines for safe and smart media viewing.

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