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This is a guest post by Ken Myers.

If you have a kid who is always on the go, then you need cartoons that can match their enthusiasm for life. Here are some great cartoon series options for adventurous kids that are available for Netflix instant streaming:

  1. Batman Beyond – When Bruce Wayne retires, who will save Gotham City from certain doom? Meet the new face behind the mask with this edgy update on the dark Batman series. Definitely for older kids, Batman fights in a new century against genetic upgrades and crazy machines of all kinds.

  2. Ben 10 – What if you found a bracelet that could let you turn into ten different alien creatures, all with their own powers? With his cousin and grandfather along for the ride, Ben fights bad guys and saves the world with his new super powers.

  3. Codename: Kids Next Door – If your child loves spy movies then this is the cartoon series for them. Follow a group of kid spies as they go undercover to unravel mysteries and save the day. They fight dangerous babysitters who refuse to give kids ice cream for dessert and call each other code names so their true identities are never discovered.

  4. Digimon – Like Pokémon, Digimon are tiny monsters that evolve as they grow in power and abilities. This cute series has plenty of fun monsters and tons of fighting to keep kids entertained.

  5. Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends – Crazy, wacky far out fun part of your kid’s schedule? This cute Cartoon Network series features imaginary friends that come to life. Every adventurous kid’s dream! From long legged basketball playing monsters to small blue sarcastic blobs, every kid had their own imaginary friend. What friend will your child come to love in this silly cartoon series?

  6. G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero – A 1980’s classic, G.I. Joe fights to save the world against the evil COBRA and joins forces with all kinds of military weapons and machines to do so. From tanks to jets, kids who are into Army stuff will love watching this series.

  7. Justice League – The classic version of the super hero team up comic, this fun series has all the heroes your kids love plus plenty they have only read about. From aliens to bird men to Superman and Batman, your kids will love to see how the heroes team up to save the day.

  8. Justice League Unlimited – An updated version of the super hero series, this more modern twist is a bit preachy, but most kids will focus on the great space battles and cool cameos of seldom seen superheroes. The Atom is my favorite new hero! Join Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and many others as they fight to save the Earth from aliens and aggression.

  9. Phineas and Ferb – Making your own adventure sounds like fun when you have friends like Phineas and Ferb. All summer long they build and create fun new things to explore the world and learn more. From sky high roller coasters to rockets to visit the moon, those two and their friends are always on an adventure. As their sister tries to bust their games and their pet platypus fights evil doers, Phineas and Ferb climb to new heights and make their summer break count.

  10. Pokémon – From playing cards to video games, Pokémon is here to stay. Enjoy the original cartoon series with your kids and watch as the cute pocket monsters change into cooler and cooler shapes as they fight and gain skills. Join Ash and the gang as they try to become the best Pokémon Trainer in the world!

  11. Scooby-Doo – The classic group of meddling kids and their dog join a new generation in unmasking monsters and fight bad guys. When Scooby and Shaggy team up, will any refrigerator survive? Let your kids solve mysteries along with the gang as they uncover the truth behind the masks.

  12. Sonic the Hedgehog – The classic video game character comes to life in this animated series. Join Sonic and his friends as they fight bad guys and race to save the day. Kids will love Sonic’s fast movies and his little fox friend, Tails, who is always good for a laugh.

  13. Star Trek: The Animated Series – If your kids love Star Trek then they will enjoy the animated version as well. With the original actor’s voices and fun new story lines, including a new Tribble story, kids will get a kick out of the expansion to the Star Trek they know and love. Join Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the rest of the gang on their travels through space.

  14. Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Join Jedi Knights Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and the rest of the gang as they battle robots and Sith Lords throughout the galaxy. This spin off cartoon shows the early days of the Clone Wars, before Anakin turned into Darth Vader. Kids will love the tie in to their favorite science fiction movie series and the computer animated cartoon will fill the void as you wait for the next Star Wars movie to come out. Full of space battles, light saber fights, and the wisdom of Yoda, it is sure to be a hit with your young padawan.

  15. The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – If your child liked the Avenger’s movie then they are sure to love this cartoon version of the heroes all working together to fight HYDRA and save the world. Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk and more team up to fight bad guys and save the day in this cartoon series.

  16. The Incredible Hulk – The Hulk and She Hulk join together to fight evil in their own, destructive green-skinned way. If your child loves the Hulk they are sure to get a kick out of this classic series.

  17. The Jackie Chan Adventures – Jackie Chan, his niece and his uncle fight bad guys and rescue the world from ancient Chinese curses. If only his niece wasn’t so curious, maybe the curses wouldn’t end up back on them so often. From the power to fly to turning into a frog, Jackie and the gang must outwit, out fight, and out run bad guys of all sorts, even ancient gods!

  18. The Magic School Bus – If your kids love to learn as well as go on adventures then Ms. Frizzle is the teacher for them. Join her and her class as they board the Magic School Bus and shrink down to learn how the body works or turn into a rocket and fly into space to see the planets. With all kinds of learning adventures to be had, the Magic School Bus is the best cartoon ride your children will ever take.

  19. Ultimate Spider-Man –When Spider-Man joins SHIELD, what’s the worst that could happen? As a young super hero, Spider-Man learns the ropes and tries to become the best he can be under the tutelage of Nick Fury. Meanwhile Norman Osborne plots to use Spider-Man to create an army of super soldiers. Plus there are bullies at school, girl troubles and much more to this updated Spider-Man adventure that kids will love.

  20. X-Men: Evolution – Before the X-Men movies came out, this cartoon series filled the void for comic lovers everywhere. Join Rouge, Wolverine, Professor X and the rest of the gang as they team up against Magneto and his evil mutant minions.

  21. Young Justice – What if the Justice League were teenagers? That is the premise to this cartoon series. As Superboy and other super powered teams join together to form the next generation of the Justice League they must learn from their elders and try to work together for the future of humanity.

As you can see, there are plenty of fun cartoons for your adventurous kid to enjoy. From educational to inspirational, these cartoons will be something your kids can sit down and watch with a sense of adventure and excitement.

Ken Myers is a father of three and passionate about great childcare. He’s always looking for ways to help families find the support they need to live fuller, richer lives. Find out more about expert childcare by checking out @go_nannies on Twitter.