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This is a guest post by Austin Han.

The Office. By far, my favorite show since I started watching it at the start of season two back in 2006. Even now eight years later and a full 365 days since its series finale, I consistently watch reruns off of Netflix every week. The Office, Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, and Jenna Fischer all hold a special place in the cubicle of my heart. In short there are five reasons why I’ve been an Office-addict for the past eight years of my life:

  1. Genuinely Funny

With the slew of comedy shows flooding our television screens nearly seven days a week, it’s hard to find some genuinely funny shows. Many of these B-rated comedies are using recycled or low quality jokes searching for some cheap laughs. The Office’s brilliance comes in the form of its writers, and the actors that deliver the content. Even now, as I re-watch episode after episode, I catch myself laughing at seemingly new jokes that I didn’t quite catch on. Each 21 minute long episode is filled with jokes ranging from the obvious, witty, intelligent, and the just so very subtle. The jokes of the Office also transcend time and age, in that it has the humor to appeal to both those in high school or in their mid-twenties.

  1. Characters

Every good show has an excellent cast, and the Office has just that. Some of the writers themselves are part of the original cast. The Office is a show that gets better over time, as you build a relationship with each of the characters. You’ll have your favorites from the simply adorable secretary to the strangely hilarious and obscure employee working quality assurance. The show revolves the script and its joke around the characters, and as you understand each character better, the jokes become even better.

  1. Love Affairs

The number of love triangles that occur in the Office is abnormally high, but I guess that’s what happens when you stick twenty grown men and women in an office for nine seasons, right? One would think that this sort of love drama would get old and overshadow the quality of the show. But yet again, you know the answer, it doesn’t! If you are a fan of the classic boy meets girl, boy marries girl, boy and girl get married and live happily ever after, then the Office is not for you. The writers of the show put a twist on every love affair that keeps things interesting. You’ll grow attached to some couples, and you’ll detest others, but each one has their own story and quirks that you’ll have to watch to find out!


The genuine hilarity of the shows comes from the originality of the script. The Office gave us quotes such as “That’s what she said,” “Beets, Bears, Battlestar Galactica,” and who could forget my personal favorite, “Justice Beaver.” Once you’ve become so deeply embedded into the Office, you’ll find yourself among the many that are able to recite Office quotes off the top of your head. Sure, your friends might look at you dazed and confused, but if there’s even another Office fan within listening distance of you, you’ll notice a slight smile begin to arise from their lips as you two stand in silent but satisfied agreement.

  1. Addictive

The Office is addictive. The addictive nature of a show is one that keeps you both entertained by the content of each episode, and has a plot with enough quality to stretch between seasons that keeps you coming back for more. This show, this masterpiece has just that. As you embark upon your 9 season binge of this fantastic television series be sure to give some sort of notification to your friends and family, just so that they aren’t too concerned when you don’t step out of your apartment for the next few days.

Give the Office a chance, let it grow on you like a comedic parasite. Each season brings something more hilarious, and by the end, you’ll be watching the series finale a little teary-eyed but claim that it’s just the dust in the air as you refuse to be so emotionally vulnerable to a TV series, but let me tell you it’s okay, because the Office is more than just a series, it is absolute joy in its purest form.

Austin Han was raised in Los Angeles, California before attending Boston College, where he studies Finance. Currently he is working for a legal management consulting firm in the Beacon Hill area of Boston, MA.