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This is a guest post by Eileen Archer.

This is a guide that shows ten of the top kid movies in chronological order, with a mix of genre and interest. This is by no means an exhaustive list, just a list of unforgettable classics and ones to watch over and over again….

1949 – Little Women

The pleasing story of the adventures of four young sisters whose father is away at war. These four women live heartbreak, happiness and most of all childish pursuits. A tale to warm the coldest of hearts on the coldest of days.

1955 – Lady and the Tramp

An animated romantic Disney classic documenting the lives of two dogs from different backgrounds. A beautiful story that is as interesting to adults as it is to children. The story breaks down the caste system and focuses on acceptance and unconditional love.

1964 – Mary Poppins

The arrival of an extraordinary and magical nanny changes the face of a family forever. A tad cheesy and unbelievable but a happy and thrilling watch for children of all ages. If nothing else, it will have your kids singing a spoonful of sugar well into their teens.

1971 – Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Another family film that mixes magic with family goodness. A woman with powers is sent children at wartime and in the middle of their adventure together, both above ground and underwater, a tight bond is formed between all of the character. Fun and warm to say the least.

1988 – Big

Anyone who loves Tom Hanks will love this film, and children especially because this is the film where a child magically becomes an adult, has some fun but with the end message that children shouldn’t grow up too quickly.

1990 – Home Alone

This is slapstick family fun. How a child can be left at home for the whole of Christmas and then go on to offset two rather large burglars and do it all over again the year after will remain one of TV and film’s mysteries. However, this is always a great laugh for the kids at Christmas.

1996 – Matilda

A heart-warming and entertaining if not mildly amusing family classic. Two very mean parents meet their match in their daughter; an extremely intelligent and friendly little girl who teaches them a thing or two.

2009 – Up!

A sentimental and animated look at a man who loses his wife but keeps his promise; to carry on. His journey is taken on a hot-air balloon that is the start of his many adventures and new-formed friendships.

2012 – Life of Pi

The beautiful and powerful story of a whole family who was on a boat that sunk. The journey cleverly documents one boy’s survival mission in unknown territory.  A fantastic watch for anyone, including kids.

2013 – Frozen

This modern fairy tale-like animation depicts the relationship of one girl to her sister, the Queen, who has magical ice powers. The story centres in on them and their delicate relationship, all topped off with a bit of music and song too.

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