About Cin’s Movie Reviews:

This is a site where we find and watch great movies – either new or old.  Then we write up a small review and tell you how to watch the movie also.  Nice huh?

About Cin:

Photo of CinI am a movie connoisseur.  I watch a movie every day.  There are very few things I would rather invest my time in.  Watching a movie is my relaxation, it is my escape.  For quite some time I have claimed to see more movies than anyone else I know, or even anyone they know.  It brings me great joy to discuss and recommend movies. I hope you will be able to decide if you’d like to see a movie based upon my review. Please, feel free to leave comments, ask questions, recommend movies to me, and be a frequent visitor. Enjoy!

About Rusty:

Photo of RustyRusty likes movies too.  He is a big fan of science fiction films and pretty much loves any show with a good story and great cinematography.  He likes using big words, even though he is not always 100% sure what they mean.

Rusty reads and reviews science fiction short stories at his web site BestScienceFictionStories.com – take a look and find something cool to read today! Or check out his new comic book review blog.

You can visit Rusty’s personal web site, where he writes about a variety of topics, at The Rusty Boat.