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The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown is a 1980 movie about an aircraft carrier that travels back in time to the day before Pearl Harbor was attacked.

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The Killing Fields

The Killing Fields is a 1984, Academy Award winning movie based on the true story of an American journalist in Cambodia during the rise of the infamous Khmer Rouge.

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DVD’s That Release Today: Tron and Tron Legacy

Did you ever watch Tron back in the 80’s? When it was super cool and futuristic? I did. I watched it over and over with my older brother Rusty. And even though I hardly remember it now, just the memory of it made me go to the theater and see Tron Legacy the day it […]

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The Karate Kid

The new Karate Kid and all three of the older Karate Kid movies are currently available on Netflix Instant Streaming.  I had a movie marathon with my kids and watched all four movies over the weekend.

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