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The Adjustment Bureau

The Adjustment Bureau is about a politician that meets a beautiful dancer, and every time he has a chance to see her again, “something” intervenes and prevents them from meeting… for a while.

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The King’s Speech

The King’s Speech recently won the Academy Award for Best Picture. It is the story of King George VI of Britain, and how he overcomes his stutter with the help of an unusual speech therapist.

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Preview and DVD Release: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I’m a little irritated with this new trend of movies being broken down into two parts, but I am seriously anticipating the final installment of Harry Potter! Yes, I will watch every previous movie in order with my kids before we see this one in the theater the day it releases! Harry Potter and the […]

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DVD’s That Release Today: Tron and Tron Legacy

Did you ever watch Tron back in the 80’s? When it was super cool and futuristic? I did. I watched it over and over with my older brother Rusty. And even though I hardly remember it now, just the memory of it made me go to the theater and see Tron Legacy the day it […]

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DVDs That Release Today: Tangled, Black Swan, Mother Load

Disney’s Tangled, the psychological thriller Black Swan, and an older movie, Mother Load are three great films that release on DVD today.

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