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Movie Trailer: Snow White and the Huntsman

Wow!  Can I just say this movie looks phenomenal!!  I’m a sucker for movies that are based on fairy tales.  This one looks like it will be dark, sensual, and heart pounding. Kristen Stewart (Twilight), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), and Charlize Theron (c’mon, you know her) head up a beautiful and talented cast.  I can’t wait […]

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Movie Trailer: The Dark Knight Rises

I love the Batman movies with Christian Bale. I didn’t realize that they were set to be a trilogy. So it was a nice surprise to find out that Christopher Nolan’s final installment is on its way. The Dark Knight Rises is not set to release until next summer. Be sure to watch Batman Begins […]

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Movie Trailer: Breaking Dawn Part I

AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (That’s me, screaming with excitement!!!!) Go ahead, call me a crazy lunatic Twilight fan, I can handle it. I first saw the trailer for Breaking Dawn Part I (ugh… must they break movie into 2 parts?) when we went to Green Lantern over the weekend. I was sitting next to my brother Rusty in […]

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Movie Trailer: Super 8

Super 8 looks like a scarier, more intense version of ET. Produced by Steven Spielberg, and written and directed by J.J. Abrams, this is one I’m looking forward to. Super 8 is scheduled to release in theaters on June 10, 2011.

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Movie Trailer: Cars 2

Well, now that I have Fast Five out of my system (I saw it yesterday with my two boys, we loved it!  Oh, and Rusty, your “suspension of disbelief” radar would have been off the chart!!  Haha!) Now lets see, where was I?  Oh yes… ahem… Now that I have Fast Five out of my […]

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Movie Trailer: Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark

I saw the preview for Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark just the other day at the theater, and it was so scary I jumped in my seat! Seriously, my shoulder is sore from the force of impact. Do you remember the old version of Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark? That movie absolutely terrified […]

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Movie Trailer: Thor

I just have two words for this one: “Yuh” and “ME” !!! Did you know that Chris Hemsworth is the same actor that played Captain Kirk’s young father in the latest Star Trek movie?  Yep, and he’s an Aussie.  That explains why I’m so in love with him… Thor is scheduled to release in theaters […]

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Preview and DVD Release: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I’m a little irritated with this new trend of movies being broken down into two parts, but I am seriously anticipating the final installment of Harry Potter! Yes, I will watch every previous movie in order with my kids before we see this one in the theater the day it releases! Harry Potter and the […]

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Movie Trailer: Water For Elephants

No, I don’t want to see this movie because it has Edward (er, I mean, Robert Pattinson) in it… I actually am a bigger fan of Reese Witherspoon! She is two months younger than I am. That’s just crazy. Why am I not a super famous bizillionaire? Water For Elephants is based on the best […]

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Movie Trailer: X-Men: First Class

Yes, I love the X-Men movies.  So do my kids.  We own all of them, and we watch them frequently.  So it’s an understatement to say all three of us are anxiously awaiting X-Men: First Class.  I think we will watch the entire collection several times before the new movie releases.  You probably should too, […]

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Movie Trailer: Hanna

This one looks intense, but I will admit, half the reason I want to see Hanna is for the music.  The Chemical Brothers are coming up with an original score for the movie, and if the music in the trailer is any indication, we’re in for some good tunes at the very least.  I want […]

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Movie Trailer: Fast Five

Another Fast and the Furious movie?  Six months ago I would have rolled my eyes and gagged.  Really?  This franchise is still up and running?  However, my 10 year old son has recently become enthralled with race cars, racing games, and racy movies.  (Ok, not racy movies, but it made a great sentence, don’t you […]

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